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How to add your product

To upload the main zip file is the first step to sell your product. Visit the winzip download link.
After downloading the winzip software you need to install it on your computer. If you have already installed Winzip software you can skip this step

Step-1 | Winzip Download

Zip files are the final products raw file which you will sell on Designertale. This file may contain one raw file or multiple raw files. You must zip it before uploading the files to your designated dropbox folder (We will discuss later about the designated dropbox folder which we will assign you whenever your application got approved by Designertale).

To create the zip file which you will sell with Designertale. Follow the below Gif instruction.

To give a name of your files you must use a dash ‘-‘ between the words of your file name followed by any number.

Here our file name is lato new 1 so the correct naming of the file is “lato-new-1”.

Designertale product upload guide 2

Step-2 | Zip Preparation

After getting the approval of your application from Designertale back end team you will receive an email with the Dropbox upload folder link email from Designertale. You need to open the link where you will see an choose file option to upload the zip file you have created on the previous steps.

Follow the steps below to upload the final zip file of the product you have created.

Designertale product upload guide gif 3

Step-3 | Dropbox Upload

After you upload your file to the dropbox you need to create the url which you have to put just beside the pricing of your product. Please check the screenshot of the Add product page where you have to write the url.

Designertale product upload guide image 1

There are some common part to create the url :

Say I have one product which zip file name is “” and when uploading the product I have put my first name and last in small caps on the dropbox product zip upload page just like the previous guide above i.e. eko bimantara then my url of the product will be

 edd-dbfs://cont/ekob/eko bimantara –

Where edd-dbfs://cont/ekob   is a common part

 Like if you have uploaded a file which name is “”

The uploaded file url will be just like below

edd-dbfs://cont/ekob/eko bimantara –

Another Example:

If you have uploaded a file which name is “” and your username is ekob , your firstname and lastname is eko bimantara which you are using to upload the zip file in dropbox.

Then the url you will paste there which name will be : edd-dbfs://cont/ekob/eko bimantara –


5. Add Product:

  • Now you have prepared your product .zip file and you have uploaded your file to dropbox. Now your time to visit the  contributor dashboard to upload your products for sell.
  •  You will see  + Add Product button on your dashboard. Just click the Add Product button and a new page will open to add your products.
  • There are seven different text field you will see to upload your products.
  • There is one thing you have to remember that the Featured  image you will use for previewing your files and for the Slider image must be 1180 x 660 pixel in size.
Preview & Gallery Image Size
Designertale product upload guide gif part-1

Product Upload | Part-1

Designertale product upload guide gif part-2

Product Upload | Part-2

These two above guide view will help you to upload your product from your author dashboard area to sell your products. 

If you have any doubt you can contact us on [email protected] Our support team member will get back to you to sell your product with Designertale.