Designertale Users License

Your any downloads have been covered under one license agreement. Whenever you are downloading any free products or Purchasing anything from our store as premium products you are bound to abide by our license agreement that described below. Designertale is offering two types of 'products' or 'product', the term you consider as any product or many products I.E.- free product (that comes under freebies category ) and premium products (for those you have to pay the assigned amount for particular and different product) which comes under the premium category. At the moment you are purchasing any product on any category described above you are liable to follow and maintain the license agreement which you will need to read below. Here the term 'you' only signify 'you' as a user or 'you' as a team member of a company when you have downloaded or purchased any one or more (one and above) item or items when 'you' is the one user or buyer of the product created your account using your personal email address or your company email addresses when you are and another team member as 'you' when 'you' have been registered using your company email address.

Here several different 'products' or 'items' or 'item' denotes only one term 'product' and the term 'users' or 'user' or 'buyer' or 'buyers' denotes one single term 'user' and 'you' which have been used on different sections on the license below which only intend to denote the proper term or spelling as described.




General Terms

Whenever you downloading a freebie product or purchasing a premium product from any of their contributor or an author you are liable to accept and abide by the general terms of the license agreement explained. Any product downloaded or purchased can only be used for your own personal and commercial project and any product which is under any of the above categories strictly prohibited to sell, redistribution as single or in bulk to anywhere in the web or printable. Either of the end product or the core product are under this license coverage.

License Validity

Unlimited Times (For personal projects and personal commercial use)

Usage Area
All Over The world
Product Users

Here user or users are defined as only one ‘user’ when it can be denoted as ‘single’ user or ‘user’ as one of the team members of a company. In common the term ‘you’ denotes single user when you are registered with us using your personal email address or ‘you’ as a part of a company when you have registered with us as a part of your Company.

Usage Limitations

any product which comes under both of the product category can only be used to abide by the 'General Terms' explained in this license agreement and which can be used for single commercial project where end product will be used or transferred to your clients or friends or any other freelancers as .jpeg, .png, .gif or as any non editable format where core item or editable item will remain safe for the user who have been registered as an user either downloaded the product or purchased the product. No editable files are permitted to transfer to anyone.

End Product Usage (on the web under a portfolio, emails, website or as physical products on material goods as printable version on a t shirt , book, advertising products, etc)

Only 20 times

Unlimited times

Strictly Prohibition

Any product cannot be shared, transferred, redistributed (not even for free), resold on itself or as an attached file. You strictly prohibited to use any of the core product or end product on the purpose or showcase or as printable on any pornographic, defamatory or deceptive area as text or an image or as a core product where the category of the usage is illegal, libelous, obscene.

Fonts License (Usage Permissions and Prohibitions):

  • You can use the freebies and Premium fonts for your personal projects without any limitations and also in unlimited time’s views, sales and printable items.
  • Premium fonts can be used only for your personal projects and commercial projects. For logo designs or product label design or in any printable products using the premium fonts must be delivered when the fonts is being delivered converting it to outlines. You are restricted or not allowed the font as installable software to the client, any third person or any other than the purchased person. The installer must purchase the premium license to install the fonts.
  • You are prohibited to sublicense; resell and redistribute the Fonts.
    Fonts can only be used as an element of an End Product. Fonts It cannot be installed, embedded or integrated into any software, program, application etc.
  • Digitization of Premium font on embroidery products can be permitted when the entire alphabetical characters (i.e A – Z) and/or numeric digits (i.e 0-9) are not converted and only Fonts used in the purpose of Heading, Quotes or expressions can be digitized. Fonts can be used on printed materials like shirt, tees, pillow covers and any product cover without any limitations and you can sell the end product for unlimited times as well.
  • Only Premium fonts can be used on broadcasting (video/TV/Film), games/apps, print on demand (POD) items, books (both ebook embedding the paper / e-book covers) when the entire alphabetical characters (i.e A – Z) and/or numeric digits (i.e 0-9) are not converted.