Frequenty Asked Questions

How can I use these free templates downloading from your site?

The free products you are downloading from Designertale are "free" in terms of when you are using for your own personal use Or on any project you are working for your clients only. In terms of free use of our products means you are "free" to edit, add or modify any templates downloaded from our website ( and you can print our print ready products (business cards, flyers, brochures etc) only for your personal purpose.

How can we use the free mock up templates?

The free mock up templates we are publishing each short interval only giving you the right to use for your personal project. This means you can only showcase your design templates to present or showcase them to you clients. There sometimes we are using pictures or images to create the mockups. We are strictly prohibiting use those part of the images or images as a whole in another way besides the purpose of the mock-ups.

Are we permitted to redistribute or sell the products we are downloading?

You are strictly prohibited to use the templates from redistribution, sell on the website you are downloading from our website. You can check the terms of use section on our website where you are only allowed or prohibited to use our free templates.