Speaking With Artsigma 99designs Logo Designer

March 4, 2019| Designertale|
Interview with artsigma 99designs logo designer

Today we will share the success story of Artsigma 99designs most appreciated logo design winner. Eduardo Artsigma – this is the name when we first noticed his amazing logo winning designs in 99designs.com. But his full name is Eduardo Lessa Venancio and we have come to know when his first interview published in 99designs.com. He is not only a one of the top logo designers in 99designs.com but a great human being as well. We congratulate him for his immense effort to become the top 99design logo designer and his future achievements as well. Recently we have approached him to take an interview and we are really honored when he agreed to give us his precious time and shared some words about his success story as a logo designer. People want to know more about you. Please write a little bit about yourself. (What is your full name, where do…    read more 

Graphic Design Marketplace For Graphic Designers

March 1, 2019| Designertale|
Designertale - New graphic design marketplace for graphic designers

If you are a graphic designer we have a good news for you. Here we have launched Designertale –  a new marketplace for graphic designers. If you are thinking where it differs from other graphic design marketplace then you have to first checque the revenue model we are offering for contributors who will join as seller on our website. We hope you have already checked the revenue you will generate when you will become a contributor with Designertale. How have we shifted from a daily freelance works to a graphic design seller: Before discussing this point we want to share a little bit about ourselves. We are a group of graphic designers who have started our journey as freelance graphic designers. We have regular clients from whom we created a lots of graphic design elements some times we become exhausted with the demand of our clients where we are to…    read more